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Mt Kailash TIBET 2020

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Mt Kailash TIBET 2020 'Origins of Yoga Tour'

Footsteps of Yogis & Buddhas

Journey across the hidden Kingdoms of Tibet

Reflect and explore the background, ideas and practices which emerged from the teachings of ancient Yoga, the time of the Buddha, subsequent aspirants and sages


2020 TBA


Participate in this inspiring journey from Kathmandu, Nepal across the Tibetan plateau involving an extensive road trip from the Valley of the Kings in Central-East Tibet to Tibet's capital: Lhasa and across into the far flung reaches of remote Western Tibet. On this journey you will experience first hand a culture which has in may ways retained significant facets of their ancient Yogic origins. This is the home of classical Indian Yoga from the times of Shiva (at Mt Kailash), the emergence of the Yogic perspectives of the pre-Buddhist Bonn civilization and the appearance of Yogis, 'Magicians' and sages such as Milarepa, Padmasambhava including into the current predominance of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Yoga practice. To explore further and develop your own opinion on 'What is Yoga'; the Origins of Yoga and to see through different eyes including how this may influence your own personal practice, life-outlook and direction, you are invited to join me on this inspiring journey across the hidden Kingdom's of Tibet. 


Itinerary (summary):

  • Tibet’s Valley of the Kings: Cradle of Tibetan civilisation
  • Lhasa: Potala Palace, artisan market, temples
  • Samye: Tibet’s 1st Monastery
  • Mt Kailash: Mystical Mt Meru – Celestial Kingdom
  • Festival of Light: FULL MOON enlightenment celebration
  • Kailash kora: meditative pilgrimage walking circuit
  • Abode of Yogis & Buddhas: Shiva, Milarepa, Rinpoches
  • Lake Manasarovar: Yogic pilgrimage & purification site
  • Guge Lost Kingdom: Ancient fortress & ruins


Unique features (outline):

  • Small group - Maximun 14 bookings
  • Accompanied by Australian Group Leader, Senior Registered Yoga Teacher with 
    20+ years Kailash-Tibet-Yoga teaching experience
  • Extended stay at Mt Kailash including options to walk around the base of the
    mountain or stay in nearby settlement accommodation
  • Suitable for Mature age as well as more Active participants
  • Comprehensive Information package - NOW AVAILABLE
  • Individual personalised guidance pre-departure
  • Optional Group meeting in Sydney pre-departure



(To Book online please select link above)


YOGA & MEDITATION Clovelly, Coogee, Bondi Sydney

Explore gentle contemplative Yoga practices to release stress while developing flexibility, stability and resilience. Understand how to listen to and be in harmony with the body, mind and emotions. Progress towards optional stronger practices gradually at your own pace.


CLOVELLY: Wednesdays 7pm - 8.30pm
Commencing: In-progress
Clovelly SC Centre 42 Arden St Clovell
y (between Clovelly Rd & McPherson)


COOGEE: Wednesdays 7.30am - 8.30am ;  9am-10am 
Commencing: In-progress 
Wylie's Baths, 4B Neptune Street, Coogee


BONDI: Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm  
Commencing: 23 October 2018
Waverly Park Hall, Bondi
Bookings are essential in advance only please through City East Community College


Individual, special needs and special group classes available on request - enquiries welcome
On-site program delivery & Venue arranged sites

  • General special groups
  • Rebuilding Fitness
  • Trauma sensitive practice
  • Senior fitness
  • Senior sensitivities including seated Chair Yoga practices
  • Health condition informed practices





The 25 April 2015 the earthjquake in Nepal and subseqent aftershocks and landslides resulted in many homeless families across Nepal. This initiative is working at closing the gap where 'No-Low' inclome families remain without adequate shelter following the damage or destruction of their homes. Emergency temporary weather-resistant metal shelters have been sourced and funds are being raised to fabricate these in Nepal using the GOFUNDME crowdsourcing / fundraising website. Family and cost details including transparency and accountability measures are detailed on the fundraising website at (CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE). Note that this is a purely voluntary and non-commercial initiative where all funds raised go direct to families in need MINUS GOFUNDME hosting and transactional costs. What does this mean ? ... Please find more details through the link provided)