Mt Kailash TIBET 2020 'Origins of Yoga Tour'

Clovelly Coogee Bondi


Mt Kailash TIBET 2020

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Journey to mystical Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar near the juncture of the Tibet-India-Nepal border, departing from and returning to Kathmandu, Nepal. Participate in the traditional Yoga pilgrimage walk around Mt Kailash, Tibet developing a boader understanding of ancient and contemporary Yoga traditions including the commonalities and distinctions across Buddhist, Bonn, Hindu and Western perspectives.

Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are located in the far west of Tibet a few days drive from Lhasa and at an altitude of around 4600m.  The peak of Mt Kailash stands 6,700m high, has never been ascended and remains perpetually covered by snow. Lake Manasarovar is the source of four great rivers Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Karnali and can be seen glistening in the summer sun like a Turquoise ornament. The pilgrimage route around Mt Kailash provides a rare insight into the people, ancient practices, traditions and cultures living in one of the few, authentic pilgrimage sites much of which remains relatively undisturbed.  This walk provides magnificent views of the mountain which constantly transforms from moment to moment. At times local shepherds herd goats which provide a local supply of yoghurt while yaks graze in the sunshine. Several monasteries surround the mountain providing an insight to a spiritual culture both historic and contemporary.



Outwardly this is a physical journey to an area of historic, spiritual, social, environmental or universal significance. In parallel there is an inward journey of greater significance which may involve themes such as inner exploration, awakening, self-discovery, self-understanding, surrender, acceptance, compassion, humanity, generosity, reverence, devotion, clarity, insight, realisation, wisdom. Yoga pilgrimage may be seen as an integration of both outward and inward journeys which creates opportunities for new experiences and perspectives for self-learning and development. Any one person’s pilgrimage experience will be quite unique. Some of the most powerful and profound aspects may be difficult to communicate in the language of spoken or written words. 


Yoga Practices

Optional gentle Yoga practices, guidance and discussions may be available based on the level of interest and the availability of suitable practice locations and considering travel requirements. It is neither necessary nor advisable to practice strong or even moderate Yoga asana (postures) in Tibet including at Mt Kailash as acclimatisation to altitude is unlikely to be sufficient during the short period of time available. Where one is acclimatised, some gentle postures may be suitable, though Pranayama (breathing), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Meditation practices may be more beneficial. Yoga Pilgrimage alone may be considered to be a complete and sufficient Yoga practice in its own right. 


Walking Distances

The optional pilgrimage walk around the Mt Kailash outer circuit or ‘kora’ covers a distance of around 52km and will be conducted over 5 days. The first day’s walk is relatively easy as this will be across ground that is mostly flat, over a distance of about 21km. The next two days are mostly unstructured ‘free days’, available for you to savour the inspiring north face of Kailash, for personal contemplation or practice, or to rest or complete short day walks including to a local monastery. The second part of the pilgrimage walking circuit will be more challenging as the walk goes over a pass (5,600m) followed by a lengthy descent and covering a distance totalling around 21km. The third part of the pilgrimage walking circuit is fairly easy as this is once again relatively flat and covers a distance of around 10km. All pilgrimage walks are optional. Instead of walking the pilgrimage circuits, you may prefer to rest at the guest house at the start of the pilgrimage, from where easy part day walks provide inspiring views of Mt Kailash. Journeying to view Kailash without walking around the mountain may be considered in itself to be a valuable pilgrimage experience.


Unique Features

  • Small Group Size - 14 (max bookings)
  • Multi-day stays at significant sites including generous rest stops before Kailash with a graduated ‘Acclimatisation to Altitude’ program
    • Extended stay Lhasa: Potala Palace, monasteries, temple visits
    • Extended stay Lake Manasarovar, lakeside near thermal baths/springs
    • Extended stay (3 nights) at the diamond (north) face of Kailash during full moon
  • Accompanied by Australian Group Leader with over 20 years Kailash / Tibet / Yoga teaching experience
  • Comprehensive information package and optional Sydney pre-departure briefing
  • Personalised preparation guidance and advice pre-departure
  • Suitable for both active and mature individuals


Information Package

A detailed information package is available on request by email and includes

1. Introduction (preliminary information)
2. Inclusions, exclusions and cost
3. Itinerary (travel schedule)
4. Sample images (previous Yoga Pilgrimage)
5. FAQ (questions and answers)
6. Registration Form (EOI / Pre-booking)


Ongoing Additional Information and Guidence

Comprehensive additional information and guidance is provided to support your individual preparation needs prior to and following departure



Enquiries Welcome

Please send an email to yoga@yoganature for discussion, to ask any questions or to receive an information package